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Count on the Toughest Technologies by Zebra

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Between extreme temperatures and fast-paced workflows, manufacturing plants are no place for fragile and breakable technologies. To ensure maximum productivity around the clock, Crave InfoTech partners with you in deploying Zebra’s enterprise-ready devices for trusted performance.

Adaptable Agility For -

Real-time asset and work-in-progress management

Transparent traceability embedded onto your handheld devices

Seamless RFID deployment for greater precision

Push-to-talk communication independent of two-way radios

Fast and crisp label printing with unmatched precision

Instant material tracking for enhanced visibility

Safe quality control to facilitate audits

Digitized workforce management for better response times

Discover the no-fail team for no-fail productivity

  • Ultra-rugged mobile computers and tablets

  • Ultra-rugged mobile computers and tablets

  • Industrial Printers

  • RFID Products

Zebra handheld smart device

Streamline data capture and processing on one Android handheld device for immediate data accessibility anywhere in the plant. That way, your teams can update WIPs, track incoming raw materials, and monitor quality control for seamless traceability.

Zebra Tablets

Automated data capture eliminates manual data entry errors and slowed workflows from your facility. Integrate handheld and hands-free scanners developed for faster scans and easy utilization.

Zebra Printers

Create labels quickly and without fail with industrial printers designed for high-demand with a rugged exterior, user-friendly touch displays, and easy media loading.

Zebra Scanners

Leverage real-time insight into the production line to spot bottlenecks and breakdowns before they
affect productivity.

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