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Get actionable, end-to-end visibility across systems and supply chain processes for strategic inventory management and smart order, logistics, and transport management.

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Network-wide supply chain management enables strategic collaboration, agility, and support for a variety of sales, distribution, and supply channels across internal operations and partners. The Crave platform provides global views into all inventory, orders, and transportation, so you can optimize supply chains for exceptional customer service and differentiation and control costs.


Gain insight into the entire supply chain
Gain visibility across all inventory, all order types (Sales, Purchase, Return, etc.), and all transportation across inbound, outbound, and after-sales flow

Access real-time analytics
Continuously optimize by monitoring order volumes, revenues, costs, and delivery.

Monitor goals and performance
Capture and monitor cost, sustainability, and partner performance metrics to continuously improve

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Crave InfoTech has been a consistent and celebrated choice for enterprise resource planning (ERP) enablement across industries, especially with Asset Management, Supply Chain Management, and Robotic Process Automation.

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