How RFID in Warehouse Management is Transforming Industries 


Date: November 16th, 2023 

Time: 11:00AM CT

Duration: 90 Mins

Crave Infotech for Life Sciences Industry

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Webinar Agenda



RFID's Influence on  SAP and Supply Chain 

SAP Speaker - Cam Patters

• Explain the broader implication of                       Warehouse  Robotics
• SAP Warehouse Robotics - Highlights ,               Benefits and EWM Prototype
• How robotics transfer all industries and             building new  business models
• Share insights into future trends where               Supply Management Logistics  and SAP             converge.





Unveiling Zebra's RFID Solutions

Zebra Technologies Speaker -  Dan Ryan





• Introduce Zebra's range of RFID products           and solutions.
• Highlight distinctive features and benefits of     Zebra RFID technology.
• Share case studies illustrating successful           RFID deployments.
• Discuss the role of Zebra RFID products in         optimizing operations.
• Offer insights into upcoming developments        in RFID technology.





Empowering RFID Implementation

Crave Infotech Speaker - Shrikant Nistane

  • Discussion on some common challenges in warehouse operations
  • Explain Intelligent warehouse using SAP , Crave Pre-Packaged Solution Service and Mobility
  •  Showcase success stories and use cases   of RFID implementations.
  •  Highlight Crave InfoTech's proficiency in   EWM and supply chain enhancements.
  •  Detail how EWM complements RFID for   superior supply chain management.
  •  Discover why CraveInfoTech is the right   partner to embark with you on your Digital Journey 


Webinar Speakers

Cam Patters

Director Digital Logistics | SAP

Dan Ryan

RFID Global Product Manager and Business Development Lead | Zebra Technologies 

Shrikant Nistane

Digital Transformation Architect | Crave InfoTech 

Rajesh Adapa

Guest Speaker |  CommScope

For the Leaders

  • The transformative potential of RFID technology is vital across multiple industries.
  • Recognizing the synergistic relationship between RFID and SAP systems is crucial.
  • Exploring Zebra's advanced RFID solutions and their operational impact is essential.
  • Evaluating Crave InfoTech's RFID expertise and partnerships provides valuable insights.
  • Visualizing supply chain enhancement through RFID integration with SAP's EWM system completes the picture.
  • RFID can revolutionize and streamline various aspects of business operations.

For the Users

  • Gaining a comprehensive understanding of RFID's transformative role in redefining manufacturing processes is essential.
  • Recognizing the alignment between RFID technology and SAP systems is a crucial aspect.
  • Exploring Zebra's range of RFID offerings and their advantages for manufacturing operations is a key step.
  • Considering Crave InfoTech as a proficient RFID partner can provide valuable insights and support.
  • Envisioning how SAP's Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) system contributes to supply chain optimization through RFID integration completes the picture of RFID's impact.


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